Sunday, January 20, 2008

Info Connect 2008 is coming

This year's main Kuwaiti PC exhibition, Info Connect, is slated to run early in February, which is ideal for me because I've been looking for an ideal Gamer's PC for some time now, but it seems that Alienware hasn't discovered Kuwait yet. And to make things worse, the local distributors in town only sell you pre-installed machines, with very little options to customize them (I guess buying in bulk is cheaper for them, the cheapskates!)

Local distributors of big brand names are notorious for this kind of crap! The parent companies of HP and Dell have extremely good gaming platforms, yet the local distributors only bring those models that sell to both corporate and individual clients, with only a couple of sub-standard gaming machines to showcase.

Comparing this venue with one like Dubai's Gitex is sort of like comparing a Lada with a Cayenne Turbo; they can both drive you to wherever you want, just not as fast or powerful!
Anyway, my new gaming PC - if i get it - will be one of those big ATX towers, with built-in cooling and hi-fi, rocket-speed components!

Some good sites on what to look for in a gaming PC are all over the web, but I found that the most useful and non-tekkie friendly ones can be found here and here. They give you straight-to-the-point information on what to look for, things to consider, tips & tricks, etc.

Let's hope those pesky Chinese fakes aren't littering the exhibition this year!

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Rayboy said...

alienware makes you cry , if you have hardware problems...!