Monday, January 28, 2008

Why Iraq Invaded Kuwait in 1990

Finally, the truth has come. Saddam Hussein's former FBI interrogator, George Piro, a Lebanese-American working for the FBI stated in a CBS interview that the 'main' reason why Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 was a derogatory comment by the then-Emir that enraged him.

In other words, Kuwait was nearly destroyed, and up to a million lives were lost because one guy said some rude and insulting comments to another. If you believe that was the REAL reason, then something is terribly wrong with your chain of thought!

I don't deny the "possibility" of the insult to have happened by our Former Emir back then, because it actually caused a stir around town when Saddam himself first mentioned that in public when he was brought before an Iraqi Judge just after he was captured from that spider hole. While I don't condone that behavior, or believe that it could be perpetrated by the most respected Emir in the area, nor even longest-standing Foreign Minister in the Arab World to date, but back then, I wouldn't blame him if he had actually DID say it!

But hey, are we all so anal to believe that one can go to war over foul language? What is this, the early 1800's?? And who from?? Someone who had been proven to be the most notorious and hated womanizer the Arab world has ever known?? If hearsay wasn't proof, then all those homemade video tapes of him & his sons should be!


forzaq8 said...

doubt it , he said that because
thats what would get people to rally with him

he did say to free palastine
for Islam
for stealing the money of Iraqi's

he know what make other Arab love him
and he give them what they want

we had a couple of ruling family foal mouths , but Sheik jaber wasn't one of them

Enigma said...

I heard of that a long time ago, people used to jokingly say that, except that it wasn't the "then" amir,, more like the "now" amir! I don't know how true that is, though.

Anonymous said...

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