Friday, February 29, 2008

How Controversial can you get?

We keep reading on about the municipality's attempts at demolishing those illegal structures that have been erected on state property, and all the fuss that's emanated from the owners of those properties, especially the Diwans, or Diwaniyas (AKA Majlis). But what's really got me scratching my head is the near silent voices of other structures like parking areas, private gardens and such, that should be as loud as those of the pro-diwaniyas but aren't.

During my drive home tonight, I came across this example of blatant misuse of state property in Surra, among many places. Let the pictures show you what I mean;

This was taken at a dead-end pathway, on Damascus Street. The illegal path is show in the background, and the foreground shows the only Bomb Shelter sign on the street.

This is a close-up of the barriers that were set on on the walkpath, preventing any cars but those belonging to the home owners to utilize the path.

Here's a closer picture of the above. Not only has the walkpath been blocked, but the houses that put those blocks have elevated the ground and merged it into their own extensions.

If the Municipality was really serious about implementing the 2005 law pertaining to illegal structures on State property, they've got a lot of work ahead of them, foremost is proving to everyone of their sincerity before their determination in implementing a controversial law!

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Bashar said...

Well, the worse news is that, even those majlis omma people who represent the public have been officially granted a step over the law. Nothing will happen next month, and I bet not even April.

A monthly fee, if they reach it, is a stupid excuse to over step the law.

But hey, those pictures you posted are really outrageous. Silly thing also is speed bumpers are put upon personal requests rather than Government studies for it's needs. Egaila had no bumpers and no accidents. Two new BIG ONES were put, and next two days I see two accidents. These were official ones, so I can only imagine what illegal ones could cause.

But don't worry. Government doesn't have guts to remove it. Just the poor people I presume would suffer from it.