Friday, February 22, 2008

Kuwait and the Al "Jabriya" Incident

I remember those 16 days back in April 1988. I remember when the announcement came during my school's usual morning assembly, when everyone cheered and whistled in excitement and encouragement after hearing the good news, amid an unusual show of compassion and association from the headmistress of my school. I also remember the Kuwait news media coverage of the entire chain of events. No doubt in my mind, then as in now, that those behind those dark days were nothing but selfish low terrorists. Of course, no cause is without reason, and theirs were the release of the convicted bombers in Kuwaiti jails, those equally low people who were apprehended by Kuwaiti authorities after a string of bombings targeting foreign embassies (French and British) as well as those associated with the bombing of the Emir's motorcade back in '86.

I remember the hijackers dropping the warm bodies of the two passengers onto the Cypriot tarmac at Larnaca Airport after they fired bullets into their brains. It was the first time I ever saw a human body bounce off the ground!

I remember the hijackers releasing an old Kuwaiti man at the Hawari Boumeidene Airport in Tunis, 'for compassionate reasons', when in reality, he was reported to be a motor mouth who was too old to be silenced with a bullet through his head, and was released by the hijackers because he was unnerving them!

I remember now, as I did back then, the overwhelming feeling of unity among the Kuwaiti people, joined and supported by the expatriate population residing in Kuwait, when the kidnapped passengers and crew were released, and later returned to Kuwait, to be greeted by the late Emir, Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah, and the entire Kuwaiti Cabinet, right there at the stairs of the plane!

We were one in condemning the terror, we were one in comforting the families of those two martyrs who lost their lives at the hands of the hijackers. And today, we are still one in condemning those feeble minds that supported the masterminds of those terrorist and cowardly events in Kuwait's history.

It boggles the mind, my mind at least, to see some Kuwaitis eulogizing those that had caused harm to Kuwait, it's head of state as well as it's populace. I, for one, am glad that the two MP's have been expelled from their political bloc and are being taken to court for their defiant and disgusting show of support to the slain mastermind behind the fatal events of the Al Jabriya and the various bombings, a testament to their treasonous intentions.

By 'they' and 'them', I refer to the two MP's, Adnan Abdulsamad and Ahmed Lari. I will call them 'traitors', because they, and those that came to offer their condolences to them, are just that, traitors to Kuwait, it's people and it's government.

If the government fails in bringing them to the type of justice that the people demand, along the lines of the traitor Abu Ghaith, I hope the martyrs of the Emiri Motorcade and the Al Jabriya come to haunt them in their dreams for the rest of their lives until the end of days.

Traitors...such a weak word against these people!


david santos said...

Hello, The aggressor!
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Anonymous said...

The bombings were against the French and the American embassies, and Hawari Boumeidene Airport is in Algeria not Tunisia. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post.

The bombing of the late Amir took place on 25/5/1985 and not in 1986

Anonymous said...

And photos of the Kuwait Airways hijacking here

The Aggressor said...

I stand corrected! Thank you everybody.