Saturday, April 12, 2008

Al Qaradhawi: Alcohol is Permissable.

I've never kept my contempt of Al Qaradawi any secret, even though it's the first time I discuss him in this blog. But his latest 'revelations' about energy drinks is, quite simply, OFF THE WALL!

This is the same man that considered female circumcision is allowed in Islam, as he himself condones it personally!

This is 'exactly' how so called "Leaders of the Faith" manipulate Islam, through their convenient interpretations in order to justify clearly banned and refused ideologies. It is people like Al Qaradhawi, who are constantly seeking a balance between moderation and extremism by creating a legal framework around ridiculous opinions and justifications that represent the Muslims as backward and ignorant warmongers!

Further, and closer to home, it is people that attribute their political efforts to the same ideologies as Al Qaradhawi and the Muslim Brotherhood, whose operatives in Kuwait have opposed-and failed-Women's Political Rights. Whenever we hear some 'Islamic' MP talking about common things in Kuwait (like public association of the opposite sex or the barring of music concerts and so on) that have been around for ages as 'against Shariah' I'll bet you top money he's one of them.

It's these people that have allowed Tribal MP's to rise to power and instigate stupid and idiotic actions in the name of hallowed beliefs like Democracy and Freedom, forcing the Government to react as it did, in the most undemocratic and despotic manner, unbecoming of the Beacon of Democracy in the Middle East.

And with the advent of the upcoming Elections in Kuwait, I am fearful of the outcome that may conclude that the previous 17 seats formerly occupied by the so-called 'Islamic Bloc' return with even more vengeance! The again, with people like Al Qaradhawi and his pundits, who needs Liberals??

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, I think every religion has it's fruits and nuts. We all get tarred by the extremists. You've got to wonder what some of these guys are thinking, especially when they start with "revelations."

Please keep blogging about the elections, discreetly. There is so much I don't understand about what is going on. I posted on the same subject, different perspective (outsider), today.