Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Desire To Serve: Silicon Valley to Tackle Terrorism

The Head of the U.S. Homeland Security Apparatus, Michael Chertoff, recently commented that "We (the Government) don't compete with the Private Sector with Money. I can tell you what can motivate people is the desire to serve"
He said that at a large RSA Conference in Silicon Valley not too long ago, to an audience of leading-edge IT professionals, rallying them to support the efforts of the Country's Homeland Security in combating Terrorism and Crime. Sincerely, he wanted the best and most capable minds of the Private Sector to assist the Government sector in providing the means and know-how in order to secure the country's vital interests.
Basically, the Head of one of the most powerful Law Enforcement Organizations in the U.S. is asking for help from the Private Sector.
He didn't care much about looking feeble, or small or egotistic. He just realized the importance of powerful skillsets in the Private Sector, and approached them to help him in doing his job, which is to safeguard and secure the country's vital financial and military installations.
If only we had someone like that in OUR goverment....wishful thinking.

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