Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Book Authoring goes Hi-Tech!

For every reader, there's a writer that writes to his or her tune. Usually, authors spend a lot of time compiling a list of issues to write about when deciding to write a book, and then compile them into a manuscript, sending it off to be edited, proof-read and finally binded & sold. The whole process takes 3-4 months at least, and that's only the post-manuscript part!

Now, however, with the technologies at hand and the vast wealth of informaiton available on the Internet, all writers need to do is simply query a key word or topic, and then compiling the entire thing onto a single file. Even then, it only gets printed when it's actually bought!

This is the result of the works of Philip Parker, who's patented a method for automating and authoring new books, on any topic possible, which now count over 200'000! With this possible, it means that whoever owns and uses this technology will harness the raw power of the internet to produce a wealth of information that would further advance human knowledge and therefore create a much larger gap over it's rivals. Plus, it's done in such a manner that it's as cost-effective as an email message, since the compiled book is only printed on demand.

I wonder how the censorships would react, with book-authroring picking up speed faster than the readers could read them, especially in light of the recent amendments to the Kuwaiti Press Laws?!

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