Saturday, April 19, 2008

Scope TV: KD 10'000 Reward!

I was half-asleep when I heard this on Scope TV! Here's the translation:
"Scope TV announces a reward of KD 10'000 (approx. US$37'600) to whoever presents clear, physical and tangible evidence of vote-buying, either via messages or video or voice recordings. Let us all work for a better Kuwait, combating the vote-buying phenomena."

So here's a thought; Suppose this is actually a legal promotion (since all promotions publicized through the local media have to have a commercial license from the Ministry of Commerce), wouldn't this, in effect, raise the value of the voter's selling price??

Then again, if anything, it only enforces what everybody's known all the time, that in some cases in Kuwait, a candidate's credibility is only as valuable as his (or her) Bank account!

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Bashar said...

Well, let's fake one and win the prize ;)