Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Alghanim Electronics Rip you off!

I've always suspected 'great bargains' as far back as when KD 1 pocket money was considered an extravagance to some people. So I wasn't surprised when a colleague of mine brought this up:

Apparently, the man was window shopping at Alghanim Electronics (Avenues outlet) with his wife one day, when they saw this mechanical toy in the shape of a cartoon, and was labeled as KD12. They wanted to buy it, but wanted to see whether they could find something else.

Four days later, there was a sale at the same outlet, so my friend and his wife walked in and asked for the same toy, as they had decided to get it for their daughter after all. The found the toy, under a sign that said "Sale", and was priced at KD18. My friend grabbed the toy, walked to one of the sales reps and told him off about this apparent ripoff. The response was this, "Sir, I only work here."

Apparently, some marketing manager with very little business ethics thought he could increase his sales figures and reduce his inventory costs by playing with people's trust and perceptions. Personally, I get suspicious whenever I see repeated discounted sale events at major outlets, always makes me wonder how much it cost them to begin with.

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