Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SciFi Fans Rejoice: Neuromancer is coming!

For those of you who are not really into SciFi here's an introduction: Remember "The Matrix Trilogy"? Well, this is the story that made a direct influence over the story. IMHO, I would consider this to be the 'Grandfather' of Neo's adventures in the world of the Matrix. Some would say that it was a prequel to the story behind the Matrix.

Written by William Gibson, the story talks about a burned out Hacker who gets recruited by some shady characters in order to apply his skills towards stealing stored human consciousness, among other things. This is the surface of a much more and deeper plot. All in all, a terrific (and puzzling) read, if you like this sort of thing, that is.

The great thing about it is that this is the first of a trilogy of stories, called 'The Sprawl Trilogy', all inter-connected, and written by Gibson, and all portray a completely unorthodox view of futurism and I, for one, hope that this movie lives up to the author's written representation.

In the meantime, I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Star Trek Movie, due out on May 8th 2009, and not as I previously mentioned in my earlier post. And let's not forget the upcoming Terminator: Salvation....just click on this link and see for yourself!


The Criticizer said...

Looks and sounds interesting.

I love SciFi and more into extra terrestrials but sadly there aren't any good ones in that category, or maybe I haven't looked deep enough.

Aggz The Aggressor said...

Good SciFi movies are not always popular, especially the really hardcore ones, like 2001:A Space Oddessy, where the authors blend science with philosophy and allegory.

IMDB has a long list of 'popular' scifi movies if you're interested: