Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ghaza: An Arab Opportunity

I was following the news and commentary on the latest Israeli attacks on Ghaza, and was not surprised to see and hear the usual rhetoric from so-called 'analysts' and journalists who frequent extremist news channels like Aljazeera. But I was surprised to hear some common sense emanating from the notorious loudmouth BS artisit, AbdelBari Atwan (bio here).

Basically, this character (who looks to me like Bert from Sesame Street!) refutes all the efforts of the Arab Politics, especially Egypt, for not doing enough to help diffuse the Ghaza situation, just like everyone else. But what caught my attention is is recommendations for the Arab countries to exert political and diplomatic force onto the UN and other world powers to do what is required towards the Palestinian cause.

In his glorified speech, he mentions the following:

That the Arab world, who has succumbed to it's defeatist stance, could possible rise up against the west in the form of non-violent protests, by refusing to continue assisting world powers in the following:
-Logistic assistance with the War on Terrorism
-Policing illegal migrations and people trafficking
-Refusing to help decrease the price of Oil
-Dismssal of all Israeli Diplomatic representation in the Middle East and the rest of the Muslim world.
-Protesting to the International Court of Justice

This sounds to me like a do-able plan, if it were properly supported by the majority of the Arab League. And while I agree to the Egyptian position of not opening up it's borders at Rafah to allow the refugees in for security reasons, I disagree with Egypt not doing enough to assist in Humanitarian assistance. However, should Egypt propose Atwan's recommendations to the Arab League, I believe it would-at least-make people think twice before wasting time deiberating over where to meet and what should be the correct wording of their statements.

Then again....this could all simply evaporate into misty dreams!

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