Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Venezuela kicks out Israeli Ambassador over Gaza

Venezuala's outspoken President Hugo Chavez did what most Arab leaders only dreamed of doing in light of current events: he kicked out the Israeli Ambassador and most of his staff, as a show of protest and solidarity with the Palestinians over the recent Gaza massacres.

He's the same man who called George W. Bush a 'donkey and a drunkard' some years ago (link) and also called the Iraqi Shoe-thrower a courageous man.

This man is a Latin American and a Roman Catholic, and a mixed Indian-African-Spanish background who grabbed control of the country through a quirky series of events and immediately set up to implement his plans to improve his country's image and interal social status, with very heavy communist and leftis overtones. I've always been impressed (and amused) with his style of politics, but never more so than when I decided to call the pan black and criticize Israel for it's recent actions in a way that can only be described as accurate and factual.

If only some of our leaders have the cohones to do the same!

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