Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Don´t vote for Al Wa´alaan!

Back in September 2007, I blogged about an article published by the Kuwait Times, about the shooting of a Korean labourer by a juvenile Kuwaiti youth. In today´s Al Nahar newspaper, it´s been reported that one of Mubarak Al Wa´alaan´s kids, or something, was playing around with his rifle, when he accidentally shot & killed the poor Korean worker, near the central prison complex.

I have three issues with this case:
  1. How is it that a kid was left to shoot at anything unsupervised and unchecked?
  2. How did Al Wa´alaan appeal the First Court´s ruling with a straight face??
  3. Why was the Court´s ONLY ruling a KD 1´000 fine???
What´s REALLY ironic is comparing this issue with his own Objectives and Principles, as stated on his website, notably:
  • Actions to fight financial and administrative corruption in state institutions
  • Attention to youth (!) and activating the role of the state in support of youth & sports
  • Attention to the people in the Security apparatus towards reducing the spread of corruption and enforcement of law
  • Resolutely defend the morals & principles of Society
This is the same guy who filed a lawsuite in the Kuwaiti Courts about vote-rigging during the 2008 elections, and caused a stir by threatening to attend the first session of the new parliament as an elected MP, and backed down the night before the session took place.

I think I´ll be creating a journal of objectionalble MP candidates from now on!

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