Sunday, March 22, 2009

Elections '09: Thinking Out Loud

What defines a 'good' candidate? Is it someone who can make miracles for his constituents from within the Ministries Complex? Or is it someone who can win against the Government in a shouting match? Or is it someone who can successfully make small but evelasting changes to Kuwait's social & economic DNA towards the realization of tribal or political ends?

Actually, some would say that a 'good' candidate is someone who had made some positive achievements, or whose stand on certain issues are 'admirable', or even someone who did not waste time in helping out his constituents in getting jobs or overseas medical treatment or scholarships for their kids or something. 

But that's during or after a Parliament...what about during elections?

In my humble opinion, a 'good' candidate is someone who portrays himself-through his words-as a leader and a visionary. It's someone who is able to identify and provide practical solutions-however simplistic-to a running or upcoming problem or crisis. It's someone who is able to accurately gauge Kuwait's needs (not just the Kuwaiti Individual) and presents a reformation program to address these needs.

Kuwait needs a revamped educational program, a well-supplied health care system, a sound economic plan, a practical social development plan, since it's only when these issues are addressed correctly can we turn towards addressing the individual needs, such as job security, family planning, housing, etc.

Thinking out loud, I believe that an ideal candidate is someone who;
-Calls for prioritizing educational reforms as opposed to segregating classrooms.
-Promotes the Government Stimulus plan, not free cash handouts
-Provides practical alternatives to Oil as the country's source of income and energy, and not it's further utilization.
-Understands the theories behind 'Socialism' and 'Capitalism', and can employ these theories in his speeches and programs.
-Is, by nature, pragmatic, not a politician.
-Is not related in any way to a tribal or  religiously-inspired political movement

If we find any candidates that fit this description, we've got ourselves some winners! F

Fingers Crossed!

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