Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Kuwaiti Banditos: The New replaces the Old!

The recent evens in Kuwait have taken a turn for the worse, with talk of dissolving the Parliment and calling for new elections, ranging to re-establishing the State to a Kingdom, with a Shura Council representing the people, with limited powers of oversight and authority, a la Bahrain style.

Musallam Al Barrak also presented his own set of questions, and while they're nothing more than hot air, they do eclipse that of the HADAS-inspired questions, and they're as follows:

  1. Undermining the state authority by taking a number of decision and then backing down.

  2. Failure to adopt a rational economic and financial policy to help citizens and employ surpluses from oil revenues.
  3. Obstructing the functioning of the National Assembly by delaying the formation of the Cabinet.

  4. Misuse of public funds at the prime minister's office.

  5. Breach of the constitution by failing to submit the government program and the five-year development plan.
Here's my view:

  1. For point (1), how does one undermine the state's authority by taking a decision, and then backing down? Isn't that supposed to be 'ceding to authority' instead??

  2. For point (2), how does one adopt a rational economic policy when his authority is questioned time and again?

  3. Mis using public funds (4) is now a case in the courts, so how does one question someone about something that's currently being processed in the Courts of Justice?

And while I agree to point (3), and to some extent, point (5), I can't help but relate them to point (1), making the entire issue directly linked to the question of Authority and it's execution. In order words, it's the fault of whoever is responsible for making the decision to "go" with whatever's on the table.

It all seemed a bit fishy to me, but I took a closer look at the photo in the article and discovered, not surprisingly, that it's nothing new! I've been writing about it for some time now...

Take a look;

This portion of the photo shows our Emirs, our past rulers, the ones who ran the country, established it's system of laws and constitution and sought to protect and develop it into a State of exceptional progress and equality.
Now, look at the second portion of the same photo;

These people are about to question the authority and accountability of the Prime Minister, and come March 17th, they will be flanked by the notorious Musallem Al Barrak.

Here now, is the complete picture, as displayed in today's newspaper;

For those of you who missed the irony, Al Pacino's "Don Corleone" character in the movie "The Godfather Part III" summarizes this picture quite accurately, "The new replaces the old", right after an assassination attempt was made by Joey Zaza on the heads of the other Mafia Families!

Kuwait is heading into a nosedive towards a flaming destruction, and nothing's being done except more and more animosity feeding the flames of destruction, both by the Government and the Parliment, and everyone else is crying out for a financial bailout package for the losers in the KSE fiasco!

Then there's the report of the Army Officers with bags of Counterfit KD and US$ banknotes, coming in on Military flights from Abu Dhabi to Kuwait. Today's Al Qabas also commented that a former MP, an existing MP and a religious leader have all come forward to intervene and release the two officers from jail!

And there's yet another report by Al Qabas, outlining the recent developments into the investigation of Terrorist activities in Kuwait, and the planned re-emergence of the Peninsula Lions in the GCC region, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to connect the dots!

So, on the one hand, we have MP's trying to demolish the system of government through political means, and on the other hand, we have MP's usurping their authority to free suspected terrorists and money launderers and financiers...all under the noses of the Government, and the Government is sitting idly by and letting it all happen.

Not by choice, it seems, but due to simple ineptitude!

It's as if things are deliberately being left alone to unravel as they are, and while the culpirts are well known, the victims don't yet realize what's happening. At face value, it looks like the state is heading towards self-destruction, but read between the lines and you'll realize that this is more than ineptitude! To me, it looks more like a deliberate attempt to reach a point-of-no-return, where the gloves go off and everything is subject to change-everything!

Right now, the way I see it, we're at the doorsteps of witnessing the final assassination of democratic life in Kuwait, with the bearded banditos holding the guns. What comes next is anyone's guess, but one thing's for sure, it won't be pleasant!

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