Thursday, March 05, 2009

For Kuwait's Teenagers: Read This Post Please!

If you're birthday happens to be on or around the same year Kuwait was invaded and occupied by Iraq, this post should hopefully shed some light for you as to why Kuwait is going through all this political and economic turmoil these days.
If you're not there already, you will soon be of the age when you would be able to vote for your representative in the Kuwaiti parliament. It's a great responsibility, and it's nothing short of an honour to be a registered voter, since you would be able to send your Constitutional representative to speak "in your name" to the government, and help it in creating the atmosphere that you envision your contry to have.
I say 'your country', because it's still Kuwait for Kuwaitis, open to all who live & work in it with honor and dignity, but it's still ours, it still belongs to us, it's still vulnerable to misuse and threats, and it's YOUR responsibility to understand why, and how to protect it from these threats.
  • In this link, I posted a transcript of some radio transmissions that occurred on August 2nd, 1990.
  • In this link, I posted a few bits of information about Kuwait's Democratic History.
  • In this link, I wrote about the difference between Kuwait's First Democratic days and today.
I hope this helps.

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TOUCHE' said...

Job well done, I wish to see more of these enlightening posts targeting among young generation to spread awareness and eliminate ignorance.