Sunday, March 08, 2009

What Does Hadas Want?

I've taken the liberty of translating a small section of Hadas' website, the one related to 'who they are', and here's what I've come up with:

The aim of the Islamic Constitutional Movement is to achieve the following strategic goals:

1. The development of the political system that aims to achieving greater popular participation, and to amend the Constitution of Kuwait in order to optimize the application of the principles and rules of Islam.

2. Implementing the elements of justice and equality between citizens, and the preservation of the principle of consultation in accordance with the fair precepts of Islam.

3. Building the Kuwaiti identity in accordance with Islamic and Arab characteristics, and to meet the needs of development in the country.

4. Emphasis on the sovereignty of the Kuwaiti people to the whole of its territory and secure the means of defense, in the framework of national unity based on the Holy verse, "and hold fast their faith in God and be not divided among yourselves".

5. Amending the economic system of the State to project the principle of equitable distribution of wealth, with access to said system via the diversification of the sources of income in accordance with the comprehensive and integrated principles of Islam.

6. Seek to establish core social, educational, and media systems in the country on the basis of Islamic thought and technology.

7. Seek to establish unity among Arab Gulf States towards achieving economic and political Arab and Islamic Unity and parity.

Here is my summary of the above:
1) We will change the Kuwaiti Constitution in order to reflect Islamic Shaira as the "only" source of rule in Kuwait
2) We will implement the principles of equality & justice according to Sharia
3) We will change the Kuwaiti Identity to that of an Islamic Identity in order to parallel the changes in goals (1) and (2) and (3).
4) We will defend Kuwait from aggression and threats, in accordance with Islamic Jurisprudence.
5) We will redistribute the Wealth of the State of Kuwait in order to give everyone an equal share of the revenue, in accordance with Islamic practices.
6) We will change the systems of Education, Society and the Media in order to align them to Sharia's Principles.
7) We will align with the Arab Gulf States towards greater economic and political strength.

And now, here is my interpretation;

1) We will bring down the current system of rule, and install a Sharia Council to rule in all things
2) We will resort to the Quran and our own interpretation of it and Sharia in equating between Men & Women.
3) We will create a single Muslim Identity in Kuwait, conformal to our own interpretations, and will not allow any other to exist in parallel.
4) We will wage a Jihad against all threats, foreign and domestic, against our Islamic Ummah.
5) We will have the first and last say in how the state's wealth is to be distributed.
6) We will destroy all means of traditional education, we will have one single slice of society under our guidance, and we will control the media outlets in order to preserve the order of things.
7) We will align with the 'Sunni' states of the Arabian Gulf against the Shiites and Iran.

Searching through Wikipedia, I found this link that states the goals and objectives of the Islamic Brotherhood Movement, and strangely enough, I found them to be in close relationship to each other, on both issues and goals.

Personally, I don't care much about this movement's Political aims, and as such, do not envision any of their adherents to by the recipients of my vote in the coming elections. I do not believe them to be the right people for Kuwait's needs, nor are they qualifieded to handle Kuwait's requirements.

Soon, theses issued will be debated, cross-examined and refuted and supported by many candidates, it's going to be interesting to see how Hadas fairs in the coming elections, especially in light of recent developments.....sooner or later, time will tell.

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