Monday, March 09, 2009

Oh PLEASE Arab Times, GROW UP!

Kuwaiti English Journalism seems not what it used to be!

On the front web page of the Arab Times, a headline reads " Cards laced with Drugs to incapacitates Victims", to that caught my attention - one point for Arab Times' webmaster, your traffic just increased by one gullible hit!

Reading on, this article talks about some BS about 'emails going around in Kuwait'- as if emails are restricted to countries now!-discussing some drug that renders victims unconscious.

A simple Google search both refuted this report, and exposed the Arab Times editors for what I've always suspected them to be, plagiarist ignoramuses! And to add insult to injury, the editor removed any reference to any western town or city and copied the email text-in some areas, word for word-leaving all the incidents open to interpretation as to where these events allegedly happened!

Come on, Arab Times, did you really believe you'd pull this off in this day and age?? Ahmed Al Jarallah, you should be ashamed for employing this quality of staff!

Excuse me for sounding uncouth, I'm just so disgusted with this affair....serves me right for bookmarking their site, I should have kept Garfield's website instead!

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Anonymous said...

Good catch; I didn't go to all that trouble.