Monday, November 09, 2009

New Poll In My Blog: How's the Mail?

I'm curious how Businesses, Government entities and individuals interact with each other using regular old-fashioned posted mail in Kuwait. Seems to me that whenever someone posts a letter it's touch-and-go when it comes to promptness and/or efficiency.

If we're going to become the glorified Financial Center in Kuwait, basic requirements like a proper mail service should be on the table, or at the very least discussed somewhere among the many threats of grilling sessions and financial scandals that are going around these days.

Case in point: One day, while nursing my urge to buy myself a shiny new iPhone 3G from Ebay, I mistakenly left the seller to ship my 'already purchased' iPhone directly to Kuwait's Mumtaz Postal service, without thinking of emailing him my Aramex details. That was back in March, and I haven't received my iPhone yet, nor can I find it anywhere within the Post Office network in Kuwait....I wouldn't want to say that it's been robbed (OOOHH!! Perish the Thought!!), i'll just settle for 'lost beyond hope'.

Which led me to think how in the world do businesses such as banks, financial institutions and Ministries contact their parties with sensitive documents like banks statements, Court Summons, or simply a 'get well soon' card in Kuwait.

I hope you can participate by answering the poll to the right, and invite other do to so as well. It would be curious to see how Kuwait's residents contact each other if one day electricity blacks out Mobile & email services in town!

Thanks in Advance

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TOUCHE' said...

Well that's the purpose of having general registry departments in government establishments where important documents gets delivered by government employees with government vehicles. The old famous registry book with documents passed in massive envelopes.