Thursday, November 12, 2009

NBK Heritage Museum at The Avenues

I have to hand it to them, NBK has really proven itself to have a very sensitive corporate ear to social responsibility and community relations. In today's Print edition of the Al Qabas newspaper, this ad was placed, inviting the public to visit NBK's very own Heritage Museum that's being set up at The Avenues.

I'm sure that there will be pictures of Old Kuwait, Old banking machines and old signed original cheques made out and to prominent people and entities. I"m excited and happy that such a national institution (and NBK is one, in so many ways) decides to share and present it's rich history to the rest of the country. I hope NBK decides to keep this museum at a more permanent location after this event.

57 Years of dangers, successes & failures, political & military dangers, social  disturbances & economic turbulence, and NBK's still successful, now that's a bank!

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