Saturday, December 05, 2009

I'm Fed up With Zain: Help Please?

I'm looking to change from Zain to either Wataniya or Viva because I'm fed up with Zain's inaccuracies. Any direction would be helpful.

A brief introduction: I have been using Zain's services back when it was a government Rip-off called MTC that sold bulky handsets with poor battery times during the pre-SIM Card age and charged up where the sun doesn't shine! I have been a "registered" customer of Zain's since 1999, I currently have 2 voice lines and 1 Data line from Zain, and most of my friends, family & colleges (including the maid!) are on the Zain network.

I've tried having both an MTC/Wataniya service for some time, but decided to terminate that relationship & keep with Zain, especially when mobile internet was introduced in Kuwait. I thought that, for simplicity, I'd be better off having a single relationship with one company for all my mobile services, less problems, so i thought.

Since Viva entered the Mobile services scene, I've been contemplating changing my relationship with Zain, due to the following;

1) Tariffs suck
2) Billing system is 'inaccurate' at best
3) Marketing information is misleading
4) Overseas Roaming charges are ridiculously expensive
5) Sometimes, overseas Roaming charges keep coming back to your bill long after you've left & returned to Kuwait.
6) Internet account services are less accurate than their Call Center, by their own admission!
7) Constant service & network problems

What's especially irritating is the fact that they charge you for the last bill, and part of next month's bill, but that depends on when you pay in any given month. And if that sounds confusing, don't worry, there's nothing wrong with you, IT IS CONFUSING!

So i'll appreciate any guidance as to which mobile company to switch to, thanks in advance.

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Anonymous said...

welcome to the club i've been using zain since 4 yrs and they've ripped me off bigtime...i just don't know which is better viva or wataniya or all are robbers the same!