Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why Do we Celebrate Mediocrity?

I declined to blog or write about anything related to the latest  batch of interpellations and other fiasco's made by some of the Honorable (HAH!) MP's against the Prime Minister and a few of the Ministers. in his Cabinet And since I've waited this long I'm sure everyone knows about the aftermath of all four sessions, starting with the Prime Minister's majority vote of Confidence all the way down. And that's all good and beneficial to the stability and all that tree-hugging mash-up of emotionally descriptive banter.

But why, Oh Why, to we celebrate Mediocrity?

I won't go into the details of the events, but I will say that, in my humble opinion, what happened was, in essence, an implementation of our existing set of rules and regulations, despite the nature of the players involved. Although I might go far enough to say that it's actually a revolution of the historically inferior over the historically superior - in many ways than one - but that's just distasteful (and probably illegal) to say these days, (but it's still valid food for thought!).

It's quite simply the MP's job that went to work here, as the designated checker in the Kuwaiti system of checks and balances. It's his responsibility to see, and question, any faults that may have appeared as a result of the Government's activities and/or actions, and strip away all those empty promises and phlegm-filled fiery speeches, that's all what happened, nothing more!

...and People Celebrated this mediocrity with the spirit of Caesar returning from battle!

OK, so there may have been a criminal element connected to the issue of exorbitant expenditures made by the Prime Minister and his Minister of the Interior, but as it turned out, and I blogged about this once before, the evidence with regards to the Prime Minister, for example, was completely circumstantial, and, worse still, was brought to light as a result of a criminal act, and not a legally sound one, rendering the entire issue baseless on account of it's suspected unconstitutional grounds. One look at the faces of those attending and you'd be reminded of Abbot and Costello's Famous "Who'se On First" routine!

After the dust settled, everyone's in front of the Cameras, claiming that Democracy is the victor and other stupid claims designed to make them look intelligent....and people celebrated his lame questions, regarding them as victories over the suppressors, without considering what they really gained from all this, which was absolutely nothing at all.

...and people celebrated this mediocrity with fervent fanfare!

And then...the Juwayhil Phenomena reboots once again; Al Juwayhil impresses and surprises everyone once again with his bold and crude words, chosen wisely I might add (and time will tell if I'm accurate in this particular assumption) daring anyone and everyone to take him to court, throwing wild accusations and assumptions and basically making a complete mess of things.

His main argument seems to be those with Dual Citizenship living in Kuwait, and while he'd already fired warning shots earlier this year on the subject, he's really outdone himself this time. Al Juwayhil has now taken his gloves off, fired up a dedicated Satellite TV channel and proceeded to call everyone by their true colors according to his own spectrum. People went crazy, around 5'000 people demonstrated against his so called 'racist remarks' in front of MP Al Barrak's diwan, who bore the brunt of Al Juwayhil's verbal abuse, and went wild and frothy as a result! The denouement of this drama is having Juwayhil arrested on site once his plane touched down, handcuffed and sent off to be interrogated by State Security, with the Government cheering behind him, promising everyone it will clamp down on Freedom of the Press.... in defense of our Democracy!

..........and everyone'ss celebrating this mediocrity!

Some time ago, I bought some stuff from Despair.com, among the things was a desktop paper block with the following sentence: "Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People In Large Groups".

Man, does it apply!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Aggz - how I miss Kuwait, and your freedom to think and analyze and discuss what is going on.

It is harder to create than to destroy. It is easier to tear down someone who takes on high responsibilities, than it is to come up with a plan to meet those responsibilities.

IMHO, that is why people celebrate mediocrity.