Thursday, January 07, 2010

It's Official: Kuwait's a Demagoguery!

Yesterday was the second session of deliberations over the proposed Loans write-off law, where Parliament voted to pass it as Law (35 for, 22 against, 1 abstention). As per the Constitution, this vote is to me forwarded to the Government to take effect. Also, as per the Constitution, the Government reserves the right to pass it to the Constitutional Court to validate it's legal and Constitutional compliance before it becomes the Law, according to Article 173 of the Constitution.

To override the government's expected rejection, the MPs have two options according to Article 66 of the Constitution: Either they pass the legislation with a two-thirds majority in a fresh vote in the current term, or wait until the next term starting October 2010 and pass it with a simple majority. In this case, the law becomes compulsory and the government has to implement it.

Here's the kicker; It's common knowledge that the Government is not in favor of this law, and  had always hinted that this decision is counter productive to the general good, and an unnecessary burden on public funds, and that its' own proposed solution of the Insolvency Fund scheme which was proposed back in 2009, despite it's shortcomings. Moreover, Government Ministers came up and outright stated that should they receive such a proposal from the Parliament, they would either reject it or pass it to the Constitutional Courts, which will most likely, analysts predict, refuse to approve it's legality. 

My expectations, should this happen and the Courts do deem it unconstitutional, is that the issue will be tackled once again, forcing the Government to resign, forcing the Emir to either call for fresh elections, or suspend Parliament indefinitely and unconstitutionally.

Realizing this scenario is a valid and possible outcome, the MP's still took it to a vote, despite the clearly possible outcome and; response from the Government, and have publicly registered themselves as "For" and "Against" the will of the People (with one undecided!). The reason, as stated by MP Al Qallaf in Al Rai TV yesterday, was that the majority of the MP' who voted 'For' the law simply wanted to retain more voters for the upcoming Elections, nothing more!

In other words, they KNEW the law wouldn't come into effect, they KNEW the Government would be against it, but they still voted for it to satisfy the will of the People, right or wrong. This is, in effect, a classic example of  Demagoguery, where the Mob rules by force, through rhetoric and propaganda. So, who's toying with the people's emotions and expectations now? 

And the worst is yet to come.

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TOUCHE' said...

Well said.

It all revolves about the political profits and seizing any opportunity to gain new votes and sustain old ones. More of a shallow act for delusional achievement to cover all their shortcomings.