Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gadget Craze in Kuwait

I don't  understand why, with all that's being said and done with regards to the financial crisis in Kuwait and the rest of the world, people in Kuwait still try o out-bling each other with the latest gadgets and gizmos! OK, I lied, I DO understand why, but not how! 

Take the iPhone; smart, elegant, extremely useful and handy to the user who realizes that it's not just a phone, but a hand-held net book with phone capabilities. I'm an iPhone user myself. I have the 3G model, and I use it for my email, my calendar, some spreadsheets and PDF documents, my to do's, my picture library, and pretty much anything else the Apps I've installed allow me to do. I'm also willing to skip a generation and wait for the upcoming model that promises actual improvements this time, and not a compass and faster app loads! I'm sure there are may people like me, and some of them occasionally may also use it as an MP3 player or a quick-reference guide for information-that Wikipedia App is amazing! 

But a toy?? A PSP alternative? People actually spend upwards of KD 270 (and that's the 16GB version!) at Eurotel, and then grab some iTunes credits of not less than US$10 (if they haven't jailbroken it, that is!) and grab a 3G connection from either of the three burglars Telcos in Kuwait so they can play TapTap Revenge and Guitar Hero??

Then take the Blackberry with all it's flavors. Hats off to those of you who actually "use" it for corporate push email and live contact & calendar syncs and so on. To the rest, I'm sorry, but it boggles my mind when people spend that much money on a business tool so that they can exchange PINS and chat messages in funky Arab-lish!!

Spend 1/3 of the money and get yourself a decent Nokia or Sonyericsson, then install one of those free programs from Yahoo or Google or even Hotmail, and chat your booties away...and you don't need a dedicated Data service on top of your 3G subscription either!! The same applies to those who use Twitter, Facebook, and just about every other social networking service out there! Just look beyond that amateur ripoff  with oily hair who sits behind that booth in the local Coop and charges you 1 KD to load up your mobile device with cracked, buggy and crappy apps that he'd stolen in the first place!

If it's Bling you're after, what's wrong with your cars, jewelry and clothes? If it's a statement you're making to everyone, I'm sorry, but to me it's "I grow my money on trees when I'm not whining for it from my parents!" No matter what the reason may be, if you're still in college, there's no valid reason for you to be using a Blackberry other that it being a 'fad', and that's just burned money which could be used elsewhere, like a Savings Fund!

......Crap! Did I just sound like my parents?!?!


Anonymous said...

Yep! Sounded like your parents. Comes with earning your own salary and living within your means, not a lot of fun, LOL.

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