Monday, May 03, 2010

My Take on the iPad

Been some time since I complained blogged about anything, due mostly to my preoccupation with work issues. A lot has happened, most recently was the exposed Iranian Spy ring in Kuwait. Surprise to some, not to others. I wouldn't be surprised at all if I found out that the entire world's intelligence agencies are operating in Kuwait; US/Coalition maneuvers, near Iraq/Iran/Saudi Arabia,  all the world's economic, political and military action is just a couple of hours' drive away in any direction, what's not to spy on???

Anyway, onto lighter news, the iPad. OK, so the fad's out, and people in Kuwait are slowly but surely propping up these new toys in public places, showing everyone around them just how cool & trendy they are, but cautiously maintaining their 'unconcerned' looks on their faces, as if there was nothing to brag about! I won't talk about the local 'distributors' who ripped off at least 10 people with their overpriced WIFI only 16Giger iPads a couple of weeks ago. Imagine paying KD240 for a KD145 device!? But I'm not going there!

I won't talk about the iPad being a laptop replacement, since most users in Kuwait are web surfers and twitterers anyway, negating the need for any real desktop applications like word processing or spreadsheets or image processors, even though a trimmed down package for the iPad is forthcoming.

I'm not even going to talk about WIFI versus WIFI+3G, although an all-in-one device seems to be a more logical investment in Big Boys toys personal technology. But I guess people with access to WIFI won't complain much about the lack of 3G on their WIFI-only iPads.

My MAJOR gripe is with Apple's decision to go with Micro-SIM cards as opposed to the more available Mini-SIM cards. When news of the iPad's functionality came out, I was thrilled to learn that I could use my existing Ego SIM card with the iPad 3G without going through any hassle, just like switching SIMS between mobile phones. I was even all set to get myself one of those iPad hotcakes as soon as it was available. OK, so assuming that MicroSIMs will be the way of the future but it needs a push from the industry, does it really have to be a company like Apple to effect this push? Apple? 4 years ago, Apple wasn't even making mobile phones, forget about hooking up with a backwardly MSP like AT&T, now it's forcing everyone to adapt a new piece of technology?

Back to Kuwait, imagine you owning an iPad 3G, you'll need to either chop up your existing Data SIM to fit into the iPad's slot, or you'll need to get yourself one of those MIFI devices from the local MSP. for EGO users like me, it's either the threat of destroying your perfectly good SIM card or increasing your monthly expenses. OK, so I'll just grab the MIFI device and plug in my existing SIM card, it still means paying KD55-85 for it. (Yes, when it comes to gadgets, I'm penny-wise, dollar-stupid, get over it!) Alternatively, one can scour the 'net to search for a Micro-SIM adapter ( I'm positive one of those shady mobile phone shops will eventually sell them for KD10 apiece very soon!), but it'll still be a hassle juggling between bits & pieces of plastic for 10 minutes in order to log onto the 'net!

And unless you're a Super VIP with an Uber-Wasta in your pockets, none of the local MSP's will allow you to have two SIMS under one number!

Bottom line, iPad is a great toy, especially for those of us who can't keep off the 'net, but having a Micro-SIM card as a mandatory functionality seems to me to be an unneeded hassle. I'm still getting one eventually, though ;)

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Steve said...

The middle east isn't exactly home to all the world's political, economic, and military action. China and U.S. has all the economic action. The warfare in Africa is equally, if not more intense. Politically, I would say the Middle East is one of the most important places in the world, so I'll give you that one.

Personally, I think the IPad is unnecessary, it's like an iPhone that you can't fit in your pocket or call people with...