Thursday, December 23, 2010

Egypt Uncovers Israeli Spy Ring

I was on my usual daily routine of reading the papers when I found, in today's  Aljarida Newspaper, full coverage of an uncovered Israeli spy ring in Egypt. Apparently, the Israeli Intelligence managed to recruit, train and control an Egyptian University Professor, who in turn recruited up to 31 telecom engineers, established a Telecom business, and eventually managed to build quite a large and effective network. This network spanned Egypt, Sudan and Saudi Arabia, and in my own opinion, Lebanon as well. (Link1, Link2), as the techniques employed in Egypt were more or less the same as those used in this latest operation, even though the Lebanon operation was exposed 6 months ago :)
Googling up this topic, i found this BBC News report that discusses generalities, not as detailed as the Aljarida article, but just as indicative of the wanton disregard for privacy and sovereignty of Egypt, Sudan and Saudi Arabia, as independent states. The Israeli Mossad has (yet again) broken every law and regulation and managed to spy on various Foreign Diplomatic Missions in Cairo, including the United States Ambassador herself! (I understand why Israel persists on spying for the US even though the US continues to support and defend them, I just can't get over it!)

But Egypt is, and remains to be, the only Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel, Sudan has 'some' ties to Israel, even though they deny it, Saudi Arabia poses no threat to Israeli interests or security and the USA is Israel's main and strongest ally. The way I see it, only Lebanon deserves the Mossad's wrath, since Hezbollah operates freely there, so why spy on the rest? It seems futile for Israel to spy on Saudi Arabia unless Israel or Saudi Arabia are planning something against each other. (I'm preparing a post about Israeli espionage activities & operations since it's establishment in 1948, so stay tuned)

So here's my question; Because of the Wikileaks scandal, Julian Assange and his co-conspirators were hunted down internationally and now charged with espionage because they released 'officially collected' documents belonging to the US State Department, so why can't the same international pressure, investigation and condemnation be effected against Israel for Mossad's activities?

Meanwhile, here in Kuwait, the social fabric is slowly tearing apart because some politician believed he was invincible....

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