Friday, December 24, 2010

Good Games Don't Die!

I used to be addicted to online games, until i realized that I was spending more time trying to beat online strangers that enjoying the game itself, so I'm much better now. But yesterday, as I was looking for some PC stuff, I came across one of my favorite games, Battlefield 2142, by Electronic Arts. They're the same people that just released Battlefield Bad Company 2, and it's latest addition, BC2 Vietnam, and all the other great EA titles like Simcity and the Sims. But Battlefield 2142 is something else completely!

Obviously, it shares the same game play as many other FPS titles, like teamwork, voice chat, capture the flag, maps, weapons, vehicles, aircraft, etc. etc., but there's something else in it that makes it stand out from all the rest, at least for me. I don't know if it's the euphoric music, the great intro movie, the game play or the Sci-Fi element to it's story that makes it so lucrative, but i really wish EA had expanded it's universe more than the simple Northern Strike expansion.

In fact, I wish they'd consider producing a movie (or six!) themed around the game, much like the Resident Evil and Pitch Black games, and many others that made it from the games consoles to the silver screen. Take a look at the intro movie for the game, and then ask yourself if you could blame me for feeling this way.

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