Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Wish You Were Here" woke me up!

Woke up with this song ringing in my head this morning, can't say why, but I searched for a quick fix on YouTube & found it:


Pink Floyd, like a few similar rock bands of the 1960's,70's and 80's rocked, they still rock, and may very well be still rocking for ages to come. That's what 'real' music does over time; Generations later, people still remember it as clearly as if they'd listened to it just yesterday. Not that rubbish "NeeYo", 'JayZee' or some other 'acronymized' crap that's all over the Billboards these days like flies on 3-day old diapers! 

And I offer no apologies to those of you that actually listen to that synthesized crap that fools you into thinking that it's music, or even Art! You can go blast your superficial brains out listening to those newbie snots as much as you like as you're sitting in your cars at the red traffic sign; they'll never amount to anything more than an album or a single, and neither will you experience the joy of watching them play live at Wembley, like the Giants that came before them.

And if you're thinking it's all about taste; Sometimes 'taste' needs to be modified with a pinch of salt!

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Boo TheCat said...

Great song