Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year Everybody!

2010 has come to an end, all it's happy, and not-so-happy moments, I'm sure we're all thankful to the Almighty God for having experienced them, all of them. Philosophers would argue that what makes a man who he is is the collection of experiences and memories that he accumulates over the years, surmising into what we define as 'wisdom'.

Kuwait has had it's share of happy moments and sad moments throughout this year, I certainly did, personally speaking. And while i still dwell on the not-so happy moments, I am thankful that they have made me a better and stronger person. Needless to say, I cannot wish they return again, but at least I'm confident that, due to their residual memory, I would be in a better position to avoid,or prevent their re occurrence in the future.

And while my resolutions for the new year are between myself and my better half, I'm sure I.m at liberty to share with the world a small bit of insight; That my outlook for 2011 would be a more optimistic one, both for myself and my country, Kuwait. This small splat of land that's floating on Crude Oil that everyone and their neighbors are clamoring over to get! I hope that I can live long enough to see the day when Kuwait can finally stop messing about with trivial stuff and delivery what future generations are demanding.

I believe that with Evil comes Good, and at the end of every dark tunnel there will be a bright light, here's hoping that 2011 would bring us all this light. One can only hope, and pray, and do his bes...

To Christians, Merry Christmas. To Jews, Happy Hanukkah, to everyone else, may the new year bring you health, wealth and happiness.

Happy New Year to you all.

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