Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Still A Democracy, People!

Image Credit: Nino Jose Heredia/Gulf News
I understand how some people may be emotionally attached to the MOI's latest attempt at implementing the Law. No society would accept the use of force against it, democratic or otherwise. Along with images and videos of Police attacking civilians, it sounds like the Government is trying to oppress the masses and cover up the truth, and that infuriates even the coldest of blood.

But a vital point is missing from all these facts; The Law was broken, and the law-breakers did not bother to allow cooler heads to prevail either!
The very first point is that the gatherings and speech rallies were organized in support of  MP Faisal Al Muslim, who broke the Law, and was going to have his immunity stripped and face the Courts, placed him under threat due to his illegal exposure of a personal check issued by the Prime Minister some time ago, outside the confines of Parliament.

That led us to the ganging up of a mob against a private citizen during a speech rally in Khaldiya held at MP Ahmed Al Sa'adoun's home.The political activist Mohammed Al Juwaihel, who simply walked into the gathering outside Al Sa'adoun's home, was beaten up nearly to death.

Here's the focal point in all this: As a result of these two events, the Emir issued an order to his Minister to enforce the law, and instead of diffusing the situation and abiding with the Emir's orders, MP Al Herbish and company at his home in Sulaibikhat decided to have a camp-out outside his home, in direct defiance of the Emir's order. Not only that, in stead of complying with the Officers overseeing the events at his home, MP Al Hebish and Company decided to 'negotiate' with the Officers to allow them to continue. Push-literally-came to shove, and the Riot Police were attacked with shoes and ashtrays and other stuff, what the hell did you expect to happen?? Take a look

What was enlightening to all of us was HH The Emir's revelation to the Chief Editors of Kuwait's Newspapers a few days ago that as he was the Supreme Commander of all of the State's Forces, it was His decision to implement the Law during the Sulaibikhat rally. Legally, that would nullify any question as to who was responsible, and so would shut everyone up.

But that didn't happen..

MP Saleh Al Mulla
To add insult to injury, some of those arrogant MP's went ahead and filed a motion to question the Prime Minister in a formal interpellation as a result of these events, in one main accusation that's 13-pages long; Insulting and demeaning the Kuwaiti People and limiting their freedoms. The session will take place on December 28th, and among the main three speakers against the PM will be MP Saleh Al Mulla, of all people!

Personally, this is quite a defeat for my own beliefs and principles. MP Al Mulla was one of my favored candidates during the 2009 elections, for what he stood for and what he believed in. But today I find myself in direct confrontation with his principles and beliefs when I see him standing in for the riffraff who want to take down the Government in the name of Democracy. It was fine for him to participate in the speeches and the rallies and so on, despite the twisted message he'd send out, but to have him spearhead the destruction of Kuwait's Democracy by those that never believed in it in the first place was outright distasteful.

Former MP Abdullah Al Nibari
Still more insult to come; The Democratic Forum of Kuwait, one of the oldest and most powerful non-official Political group, and the most progressive of them all, had banned Al Juwaihel from attending their Speech Rally a few days ago, citing their inability to protect him, and regarding him as Persona-non-Grata. Not only did that infuriate me, but it made me reconsider my affiliations in any future political decision And the person to directly make that decision was no other than It's General Secretary, former MP Abdullah Al Nibari, the man who, at one time, survived an assassination attempt for the sake of Democracy, which left him partially crippled.

Now that all these events unfolded, Kuwait's long-awaited Development Plan and every other plan for that matter, is to be put on hold, pending the outcome of these events, which is the grilling of the Prime Minister. Kuwait's future is to be put on hold so that Kuwait's Political bandits can have their way with the Government.

It's no secret that I'm quite critical of my Government, anyone can see that from my posts, but if one is to judge one's government based on illegal and unconstitutional actions made by the so-called defenders of freedom (who are the same people who sought to segregate the educational system as well as ban bikinis!) one is only betraying his own constitution, which is tantamount to treason!

But it's still a Democracy, and the Government is still willing to see it's tenure through the mandated 4-year term, despite the opposition to take it down. It's played a very wise political game with those that used to be excellent political players, and now the scoreboard is going against them. Right or wrong, the Government was right in attacking those gatherers at the Sulaibikhat rally, it was also right in pulling away Obaid Al Wesmi for attacking the Emir and the Prime Minister, and then charging him with insulting the Emir. He broke the Law in his speech and should be judged accordingly. Moreover, for calling some Kuwaitis as 'dogs', he insulted me, my family and every other Kuwaiti I know. Had the Government done nothing, I would have had a different position.

Democracy for these people mean attacking the freedoms of others and calling them demeaning and insulting remarks, and if you can't believe that, just listen to the waves and waves of cheers and applause whenever those insults are uttered! In my books, they should be punished, and that's what the Government did, according to the Constitution and the Laws of the State.

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