Sunday, May 08, 2011

Got OSN? There's An App For That Too!

It seems that Orbit Showtime is (finally) jumping onto the advanced tech bandwagon. By sheer luck, I managed to find out that they've developed an App for iPhone & iPad devices through which they channel their services. I downloaded it from the App store (UK) and tried it. A bit buggy, but it's got some nice features that made me just barely keep it in my phone.

For example, they've added the "Refresh My Signal" option that apparently's been removed from their web-based customer service functions. They've included a full listing of TV guides for just about all their paid channels that extend for 8 days into the future. You can rate programs that you've watched, although I cant see any ratings made by anyone anywhere yet.

It's a shame the app's so buggy!

In fact, it's so buggy that it crashed more times than it worked, notably when I tried to log in with my email & password. When I relaunched it again it showed me as logged in already. When I tried to refresh my signal, it was stuck in trying to load my smart card number.

In general, however, I can see how it would be a useful addition to my iPhone App collections during Ramathan's marathon shows & televised events. Hopefully by then, someone would have fixed all the bugs & modified it into a 'real' app.

I'm not a fan of the OSN's Corporate strategy, nor it's pricing scheme, nor it's valued offerings, and the less spoken about it's customer service levels the better, but since it's the only 'worthwhile' Pay-Per-View Satellite service in this part of the world, I'm stuck with it. I'm still glad I got myself an Apple TV, though, even if I still didn't hack it into a Multimedia monster as planned yet. I'm experiencing Youtube videos like never before, and some of my own collection's looking great when I stream them, so no complaints there. 

Word of warning, OSN, Internet TV is catching up faster than you can refresh your satellite signals.

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