Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shutterbug: Recent Events In Pictures

During the last few months we've been seeing and hearing things that were so alien and uncommon to our recent history that some international observers named it the Arab Spring! We've had revolutions, Parliamentary fist fights (with the 'igal' no less!), public and unreserved exchange of personal and profane verbal attacks, scheming and plotting and secret deals made under the table, assassinations, in other words, the usual business of politics, I suppose.

On them all, words sometimes fail me, so this time I decided to use a pictorial narration of the events that had gripped us in Kuwait over the previous months, with some commentary. Enjoy..

Bahraini Revolt at Pearl Roundabout (now turned into a traffic intersection)
The people who called for a reforms in government initially called for this.
A couple of hapless pawns in Iran's regional game of thrones
One of Kuwait's jokers
One of Kuwait's many mistakes.
This happened during Egypt's uprising, in the 21st Century!

An Egyptian Cynic
During the first few days of Egypt's Uprising. Who would have thought this would happen?!
Egyptian Copts protecting Egyptian Muslims during Prayers. This picture made me feel proud!
Kuwaiti Humour, copied from the the NY Times (I think!)
When word went out that Mubarak may have fled to the GCC, Photoshoppers went wild!
Ingenious and intelligent, yet so direct.
Some thought Mubarak was too well-rooted to be uprooted, even him!
KFC's new posters, courtesy of Egypt's Uprising
Injured yet unwavering
The Idiot's guide to Politics

Small world
Bahrain's revolt, and behind the scenes, the SUV is torched by the  "revolutionaries."
First, the sacrifice. Then comes the propaganda
The Pearl Roundabout.
What was once a symbol of the GCC's identity became a symbol of Iranian complicity.
Today it's an intersection!
Saif Al Islam Qaddafi during a televised speech on Libyan State TV.
Notice the red circle
Libyans in revolt throwing their shoes at Saif Al Islam during his speech.
This character made the whole world wait for a speech, then came on air for all of two minutes, called the revolutionaries "dogs and mice", then drove off.
What one Kuwaiti citizen did with the KD 1'000 gift he received from the Emir earlier this year.
I don't know this man, and neither does anyone I've asked. So, why name a street after him?
Bahrain's Security Forces at the outskirts of a village.
I have absolutely no respect for someone who tweets his own propaganda and doesn't bother with following other people, if even for an opinion!
GCC Peninsula Shield Forces entering Bahrain via the Saudi-Bahraini Causeway
Another picture of GCC's Peninsula Shield Forces entering Bahrain
Some of the Bahraini 'revolutionaries' confessing to various  crimes against the state, like sedition, assassinations  & bomb-making.
The Pearl Roundabout after it was cleared and then demolished by the Bahrain Security Forces.
Once clearing operations began at the Pearl Roundabout, evidence of scenes such as this one emerged.
Another of Kuwait's many mistakes
This was the main position of Kuwait's Foreign Policy towards Iran just last year!
Bin Laden's capture sent waves of delight all over the world. This pic isn't authentic as far as I know, but it's  closer to the truth than the one published by Pakistan's State TV!
A couple of Kuwait's "mistakes". This is how some seat themselves in Parliament.

It's true that nothing speaks louder than numbers, but at the same time, none can be spoken so eloquent as pictures. That was part 1, more to come soon.

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