Saturday, August 06, 2011

Hayefism At It's Worst!

A while back I blogged about MP Hayef''s disgusting track record, as an MP and as a human being. Today, however, he's taken his anti-moderation antics to a whole new level. This so-called MP, and man of faith, has called for the religious leaders to 'consider sanctioning the death of the Syrian Ambassador in Kuwait'.

No deportation, no diplomatic acts of contempt, as with any civilized and cultured society, just straight & simple death sentence. For what? For representing a corrupt and oppressive regime in Syria. And the bummer is, people chanted & praised him for his speech!

He also went on and claimed that the Kuwaiti Government was too weak in it's response, and that the Prime Minister himself was too far compromised by 'Safavid influences', in order words, Iran, to do anything about it. In layman's terms, this creature of contempt is calling the PM a coward, and is demanding a religously-sanctioned death sentence for a Diplomat in Kuwait.
Kuwaitis attending tonight's rally

At the other side of the spectrum, we have these fanatics who continue to ignore the atrocities that are happening in Syria and are continuing to support the oppressive regime, despite what all the news outlets are broadcasting about Syria's uprisings and killings, like MP Al Qallaf

In between these two extremes, the Kuwaiti Government is standing idly by and watching all these things unfold, as if it's deliberately trying to undermine it's own authority, for whatever reason, one can only imagine. Only after all this time did it issue a statement of sympathy and pain for all the bloodshed, the first Arab country to publicly do so to date, to be sure, but still, words and statements won't rescue the Syrians from the brutality of their government.

Nor will the expulsion of each and every Syrian ambassador from every Arab country, in fact. But it would prove a very vital and critical point; That the Arab people - as a whole -  are totally against what is going on in Syria, and hence show a collective refusal of any forms of oppression. This will go a long way towards disproving those voices that claim that Arabs know nothing but the language of blood and death, a-la Bin Laden.

Back in the 1970's, Kuwaiti Diplomats were always relied upon to be mediators in any peace initiative between the warring factions in Palestine and, later on during the '80's, in Lebanon. More closer to the present, it was Kuwaiti diplomacy that assisted in diffusing the clashes between the Bahraini Opposition and the Bahraini Government, and it was that same diplomacy that diffused the rising tension between the UAE and Oman just a few months ago. All in all, Kuwait's quiet diplomacy ensured it a place among the nations as a wise and trustworthy partner for all peace-loving nations.

Well, with tonight's bombshell from MP Hayef obliterated any chance of that happening anytime soon. Not only did he destroy our credibility, as civilised muslims who believe in Democracy, but he's also cast a dark and terrifying shadow of doubt as to our ability to be  trustworthy partners in any peace initiative anywhere in the world. He's completely disqualified Kuwait from being a mediator in any diplomatic initiative in the future.

Well, I've been complaining about this disgusting excuse for a human being (if at all!) for so long that I can hardly control my urges to slap the TV with my shoe whenever he's on it! I think now's the time for a collective effort to stop him and people like him and his extremist ideals from ever participating in Kuwait's political process.

Consider this; We're currently in the Holy month of Ramathan, where fasting, prayers, piousness, forgiveness, kindness, patience and obedience to Allah  and his peaceful message of faith is supposed to be observed with reverence unlike any other time of the year. And yet, an Islamist MP, with clear and public hatred for anything and anyone not of his beliefs, is spitting out calls for death and destruction onto anyone who opposes his Ramathan!

This is NOT the Islam I've known, it's not even my religion! It's a disfigured sample of the worst kind of terror and dictatorship, no less fearsome than Bin Laden's ideology, should it be left unchecked and allowed to grow unchallenged. Him, and people like him (of any extreme) do not represent me, nor my family, nor anyone I know, and I know quite a few heavily-opinionated people, myself!

If you're reading this post, and agree with my opinion, and are a registered voter, or know someone who is, please inform everyone what's at stake here. It's not about defending him solely because he's from the same tribe as you are, or because he's from the same religious sect as you are; This man has defamed both by openly calling for the death of a human being, in Ramathan of all times, and without any regard for the implications of his irresponsible (and criminal) actions!

Oh, and by the way, did I mention that MP Hayef doesn't recognize -nor stand in respect for - the Kuwaiti National Anthem, and that MP Al Qallaf once cursed the people from his electoral district for failing to successfully voting him into office?

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