Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hayefism at it's best!!

I cannot begin to describe the disgust I felt when I read that MP Hayef tried to 'intervene' in the release of a wanted criminal with convictions that would make Teabag from "Prison Break" shiver in disgust! (A clarification my Hayef himself was printed yesterday) What disgusted me even more was an attempt by former MP, currently columnist, Mubarak Alduwailah, defending this so called Member of Parliament in today's newspaper, referring to him as "The Framed MP"...

Here is the list of offenses that this criminal's being charged with, according to one newspaper:
1) Wanted for questioning for attempting to commit murder (his uncle!)
2) Wanted for questioning for kidnapping & raping a Pakistani boy (DNA testing confirms his involvement!)
3) Wanted for questioning for illegally conducting Jihad in Iraq. 

Now, MP Hayef had admitted to getting involved and asking the Police Officer in question about how they went about implementing their procedures in dealing with this criminal, as if Hayef was the expert in Legal procedures! Moreover, he insisted (!) that the prisoner be given access to his relatives, as he's been held in prison 'longer than  the usually allocated time of 8 days. 

On top of that, he's accused the Policemen at the station of 'Torturing' the criminal, who's asked for medical assistance, but received none, in violation of his civil rights (!) I've heard of Policemen slapping people around while they're escorting them in and out of their jail, or make them sweep the floors or something of that nature. However, I've NEVER heard that happen to a Kuwaiti national, certainly nothing that would be construed as 'Torture'.

In reality, if you're suspected of committing a crime, and especially one which entails an indictment from the National Security Apparatus in Kuwait, you could be imprisoned for up to 21 days (or something close to that number) without bail, without visitations and your only access is legal council, no one else! And if the Public Prosecutor deems it necessary, that period could be renewed indefinitely! Where MP Hayef gets his legal advice from is unknown, but it's certainly not from the Constitution he'd swore to uphold and protect!

OK, so one one side we have a criminal who's about to be convicted for a number of hateful and disgusting crimes, punishable by any Law, man-made or otherwise, basically an insect that's crawled out of the worst sewage dump on the planet. On the other side, we have a 'religious' MP, who'd sworn to uphold the Law and defend the Constitution of the Country he's living in (and I intentionally DO NOT use the word 'born in', since I have my reasons!) trying to defend the criminal's civil rights..

...You do the math. But before you do, take a look at MP Hayef's track record so far;

3-Against standing in respect of Kuwait's National Anthem, and against the Constitution with regards to Equality among the sexes (Both linked here)

This is from my Blog alone, my simple top-level review of his conduct since he last got elected. Imagine what would be uncovered if someone delved deeper into his speeches, votes and other activities?!

...and people call this person a Member of Parliament? A representative of the People? What kind of people would want this person to represent their values and beliefs??

One thing's for sure, I'm  glad this 'individual' isn't in my electoral district, otherwise I'd have to de-louse myself every time I meet him!

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Touché said...

Hayefism is a disgrace if this story is true and all details have been unfolded, though I can't seem to see a way out for him or his devoted followers, I can't think of any excuse that can justify his demeaning despicable act.

Sometimes I feel that the media is controlling what we know and shift us into thinking toward a specific way. I stopped following those political news long time ago, as I feel that the truth is never told and they is always something missing, taken out of context, misinterpreted or even chopped which might lead people into having faulty opinions. I'm sick to death with the current atmosphere where everyone competes for the largest audience and biggest followers with any means possible and by forcing opinions with no disrespect of other opinions, it's always either us or them.

Keep up your good work, God bless.