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Anti-Semitism and the US State Dept.

Here's a thought: How do you control how and what people think about you? You make the world's only surviving superpower to impose restrictions on everyone in the world about how you're perceived, under the pretense of 'Human Rights'! And then use that report to justify any possible future economic sanctions or even military action.

The US State Department, in it's wisdom, has apparently instructed it's embassies worldwide to publish a Human Rights 'report card' on each mission's website pertinent to the country it's in. It has references to Freedoms of Speech, Women's Rights, Children's rights, Political reforms, etc... All well and 'democratic' of them, until you come across the sub-heading "Anti-Semitism", that caught my attention!

Referencing the US Embassy's Kuwait mission's website, the 'Report Card' findings under this sub-heading state;

"Negative commentary regarding Jews appeared in the media. Anti-Semitic rhetoric often originated from self-proclaimed Islamists or conservative opinion writers. These columnists often conflated Israeli actions with those of Jews more broadly, particularly after the May 31 Israeli interception of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, which included several prominent Kuwaitis. School administrators have issued standing instructions to teachers to expunge English-language textbooks of any references to Israel or the Holocaust, and books dealing with these topics remained banned. The government did not make any public statement on textbook censorship. There were no known Jewish citizens and an estimated few dozen Jewish foreign resident employees."

..And just to be sure that this isn't singling out Kuwait, I checked the website of the US Embassy in Bahrain, and here's what it says;

"There were no reports of anti-Semitic acts in the country."

...and the US Embassy in the UAE:

"There were no synagogues for the small foreign Jewish population in residence. Anti-Semitism was apparent in news articles and editorials. These expressions occurred primarily in daily newspapers without government response."

..and the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia;

"On infrequent occasions, editorial cartoons exhibited anti-Semitism characterized by stereotypical images of Jews along with Jewish symbols and comparisons of Israeli government actions to those of Nazis. Anti-Semitic editorial comments sometimes appeared in government and private print and electronic media in response to regional political events, particularly the Israeli military operations in Gaza. In a January 11 address broadcast on Al Jazeera TV Saudi cleric Khaled Al-Khlewi referred to Jews as "treacherous, disloyal, deceitful, and belligerent by nature."

There continued to be instances in which Sunni imams, who receive government stipends, used anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, and anti-Shia language in their sermons and some instances in which mosque speakers prayed for the death of Jews and Christians. There were reports the MOIA dismissed some imams for espousing intolerant ideas. There were reports of imams in the Eastern Province who included calls for divine punishment of Jews as part of special prayers."

...and the US Embassy in Zimbabwe;

"The Jewish community numbered approximately 270 persons. There were no reports of anti-Semitic acts or underlying pattern of discrimination.

...and just for kicks, the US Embassy in Israel;

"In both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, Palestinian media published and broadcast material that included both anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic content, which sometimes amounted to incitement. Rhetoric by several Palestinian groups included expressions of anti-Semitism, as did sermons by some Muslim religious leaders. Some Palestinian religious leaders rejected the right of Israel to exist. Hamas's al-Aqsa television station carried shows for preschoolers extolling hatred of Jews and suicide bombings.
Palestinian media not under the control of the PA, particularly those controlled by Hamas, continued to use inflammatory anti-Semitic language. Unofficial Palestinian television broadcast content that sometimes praised holy war to expel the Jewish presence in the region. Some children's programs shown on Hamas television legitimized the killing of Israelis and Jews via terrorist attacks."

NOTE: This latest report speaks solely about Palestinian activities, although it's related to Israel's "Human Rights' record. No mention of any IDF operations.
Similar records and observations can be found in other reports published by the US State Department, but I'm guessing you get the idea!

So, one can deduce from these US State Department reports that the question of Anti-Semitism is clearly and obviously a decisive factor in the USA's perception of a specific country's Human Rights record.  All well and humanitarian, but for one thing; The US's Report on 'Human Rights' is actually a report on 'Compliance with Jewish Safety', and you can quote me on that!
Here's why;

  • Why does a Superpower specifically evaluate another country's anti-semitism levels in a report ironically titled 'Human Rights'?
  • Why does a Superpower specifically scans and notes attacks on Jewish issues-in particular- in all the countries it's reporting on EXCEPT Israel, wherein the report only outlines Anti-Jewish activities by Palestinians?
  • Why does a Superpower collectively assumes that the Jews are the only Semites worthy of protection?
  • Why is the 'Anti-Semitism' factor included in a 'Human Rights' report? Does being an Anti-Semite make you less worthy of your basic Human Rights than, say, a Muslim, or even an 'Anti-Aryan'?
Making a quick check with the UN's Charter on Human Rights, and based on my simple understanding, the US State Department's 'Report' on Human rights, with it's specific inclusion of an 'Anti-Semitism' measurement, directly contradicts the Preamble as well as Articles 2 and 3 of said charter, to say the least. Now, I'm not a lawyer, nor am I a Human Rights activist, nor am I defending neither Jews nor Arabs in this post. I'm just stating a point that's as obvious to me as a White Elephant in a crowded room!

I'm beginning to see why some in the Muslim World may consider US policies to be 'biased' and 'one-sided' and even 'custom-made' to fit the Jewish Agenda, whatever that may be. Many conflicts and deaths may have been easily averted if only US policy was more about defending and preserving the values of 'The American Dream' rather than seeking out-and eliminating-'Anti-Semitism' on behalf of the only Jewish country in the world!

In fact, when you consider that Jews, as a race, are around 13 to 14 million, and represent 0.2% of the world's total population, and that around 42% of them live in the US while another 42% live in Israel proper, it comes as no surprise when organizations like the ADL in the US shout bloody murder whenever someone brings up the subject of "Jews Control the US" in the media! But for a branch of the United States Government such as the State Department to eagerly and openly evaluate the world's pulse on Anti-Semitism like it's Human Rights record sheet, it says a lot about who controls (not runs!) the USA.

I never subscribed to any fanatics that came out of the Arab and Muslim world, especially not the ones that subscribed death and destruction to the 'enemies of' this and that and whatever....but in light of the US State Department's "Human Rights' reports, I'm sorry to say that I can understand why they're so hell-bent!

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