Friday, January 30, 2015

Pink Floyd's Latest Album is a Silent Success!

Pink Floyd - The Endless River
I've had Pink Floyd's latest album, "The Endless River" on my iPod since it was released back in November 2014, but wasn't really in the mood to discover new music until a few weeks ago. 

Up until then, I was jamming to some of my old Trance/Techno collection, some Police/Sting music and a playlist filled with some of the best movie soundtracks no one really knew about, like this one.

Sounds like a strange taste, that last part? Try listening to the soundtrack on this clip and tell me you don't feel like robbing a bank afterwards (especially around 4:27, the bit where the mask is off!)

I first played the new Pink Floyd album while at home, at around mid-afternoon, and it was stunning! I don't know whether it was the atmosphere I was in, or the mood, or the fact that I was alone in the house - and undisturbed for a longer-than-usual period of time, but I absolutely loved it!

It's a blend of ambient, instrumental, progressive music, and it sounds quite a lot like their previous albums, like "The Division Bell" (which wasn't all that great, but still had some terrific music) and the landmark album "The Dark Side of the Moon", and of course, a hint of "The Wall" thrown in with the mix. There's even some elements of Enigma in there, if you look closely enough.Great stuff!

You would enjoy it if you were into ambient and/or instrumental music in the car, for example. A word of warning, though; It's a 'sloooww' album, so you'll only really appreciate it if you're either lying on a massage table, or on a really long, unfettered drive to nowhere.

Anyway, not to get too philosophical, it's a great album, produced by a great band, I'm sure everyone would find something to enjoy in it.

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