Friday, December 01, 2006

My Take on Kuwaiti Democracy

I've been reading some posts about what Kuwaitis think about Kuwait, or how they see their country in their own eyes, comparing their opinions with those of other neighbors. Here's what I've gathered;
  • Kuwaitis can't get enough of free speech, and use it unwisely sometimes, resulting in tit-for-tat trashing of key notable figures of the government, and still call that 'free speech'.
  • Kuwaitis view themselves with a touch of arrogance, coupled with a hint of superiority complex, brought about from the incessant belief that we are the only country with a liberal media and free speech in the area.
  • Everyone in Kuwait believes in a posh living, financed by credit and government subsidized salaries, regardless of what it means to the future.
  • Everyone believes that Oil will last forever, whereas, in reality, it's estimated to be the equivalent of just over 80 years' worth.
  • Everyone believes that a tax-free living is the best way to go in Kuwait, whereas in reality, it strips everyone of their responsibility towards the state. (I'd rather pay the government to build more schools & hospitals and a better transportation infrastructure, as opposed to begging & pleading them to finance more petro-dollars in public health & education!)
  • Most people believe that Kuwait isn't like Europe or some Arab countries, where in reality, we're far more accommodating than they are in many aspects. One only needs to compare & contrast.
True, Kuwait looks worn down and there are problems with government and corruption and social values, and there's a marked decrease in overall levels of basic education and academia, but that's mainly our fault as Kuwaitis. If more of us had common standards of decency and responsibility, we wouldn't have statistics like an increase in the number of 'sick leave' vacations during Ramadhan, or a rally in support of writing off of all loans due to the Banking sector by the public!

Waste of time? Private schooling & health care is better? You decide....

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