Monday, March 12, 2007

National Day, or National Disgrace?

After pondering different topics to discuss/bicker about (take your pick!) I decided on one that has been discussed quite a few times among the Kuwaiti Blogging community. Kuwait's National Day. Here's my take on this year's festivities;
  1. Although the official National & Liberation days are on February 25th & 26th, celebrations and traffic jams began on the 21st! While I say 'celebrations' I mean a bunch of malcontents driving without licenses or with their drivers, spraying everyone they see with shaving cream, streamers, watered-down urine, hair-remover, etc...and dancing in the middle of the highway to strange tunes blasting out of their car's speakers
  2. The "Hala Febrayer" festival is 'decidedly' between February 15 and March 15th, where the entire country is supposed to glitter & shine with decorations and participating outlets are advertised & marketed appropriately. All I saw were a few adverts on KTV and Funoon, and some of the local dailys. Oh, and of course, those silly Water Tower decorations and that disgusting (and wrong) lighting decorations on the Ministry of Energy building off the 5th Ring Road! A couple of buildings in town made a few attempts, I'll give them that much!
  3. That Military parade off Sabhan was feeble, ill-timed and totally out of context!! First, it was timed at 10:30am on a Wednesday - a working day, no less - and situated in an area less frequented by the wider Kuwaiti community. Second, We're not a military superpower in order to show off our shiny new American Weapons to the world! And unless the message was meant to be for the local community, I see no reason why we need to show our hardware to our neighbours, who have much better equipment anyway!! Third, if it was meant to be a recruiting tool for the younger generation, just take a look at the physical features of the soldiers manning their equipment: Do they seem to be well-trained? A quick look at their "Machboos" bellies would quickly give you that answer. Would you like to send your son off to the Kuwaiti Army? Navy? Air Force? Police???????

Here's a thought: Kuwaiti Patriotism seems to have been boiled down to a few ruffains with shaving cream dancing in the streets to tunes from Khalid Al Mulla!!


eshda3wa said...

1- they should bam these stupid faoms n spray cans! i hate em!
and the gov. can certainly do a better job controlling these hooligans!
2- Hala february? whats that?
(ya its so bad it shouldnt be aknowledged)
3-Hey atleast they tried, its the first time in i dont know how long, but ya we ALOT of room for improvemnt.

The Aggressor said...

Sometimes I think about setting up some sort of comittee to increase awareness among the government organizers for these events. Don't they know what other people are doing to promote themselves? They travel to them often enough!!